Ecstasy drug effects can vary from person to person, but some effects are universal. Many people enjoy Ecstasy’s short-term effects. However, the long-term effects can be dangerous, and even deadly in some circumstances.

Short-Term Ecstasy Drug Effects

Ecstasy drug effects usually begin within a half an hour after consumption. These short-term effects can last up to six hours, depending on the potency of the drug, the person’s tolerance and other health factors. While some of these short-term effects may seem pleasant, they can lead users down unfamiliar and dangerous paths. Some of these effects include:

Euphoria | Skewed sense of time | Increased desire for touch | Sexual arousal | Increased energy levels | Rapid heartbeat| Confusion | Teeth clenching and jaw pain | Heat exhaustion

Ecstasy can be especially dangerous for teens and young adults. It can lead to risky behaviors, including promiscuity and unprotected sex. Relaxed inhibitions can lead to dangerous situations, as well. Some of these may include driving while intoxicated, prolonged exertion without stopping for hydration or mixing illicit substances.

Long-Term Ecstasy Drug Effects

Aside from death, Ecstasy has other negative long-term effects. Among the worst of these effects is depression. Someone who has only used Ecstasy once can experience the depression that comes with a serotonin crash. Those who regularly abuse the drug also deal with prolonged depression and other side effects. Some of the other physical and psychological long-term Ecstasy drug effects include:

Anxiety | Memory Loss | Kidney Failure | Brain Damage | Nerve Damage | Cardiovascular Problems | Death

Most of these side effects are more than just uncomfortable. Memory loss and brain damage can make it difficult to keep a job or do well in school. Nerve damage can be extremely painful, causing parts of your body to feel numb all the time. In all, the long-term effects of Ecstasy are physically and psychologically devastating.

Take Your Life Back

An Ecstasy addiction doesn’t have to lead you down any of the paths mentioned above. By reaching out for qualified help at a rehab and detox center, you can take your life back into your own hands. We have the resources you need to help you get clean.