What Causes Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety disorder, which some people refer to as social phobia, is a condition that causes a person to experience extreme fear when they’re in a social setting. People battling a social anxiety disorder may have difficulty meeting new people, talking to people they already know, or attending social gatherings. In addition, many people with this condition fear the scrutiny of others or the feeling of being judged. While many people recognize that these fears are unreasonable or irrational, they may feel powerless to overcome these challenges. However, with the help of an anxiety treatment program, such as the one we offer at Atlanta Center for Mental Health, it is possible to begin the healing process.

With a dedicated team of experts and decades of experience treating anxiety disorders, the Atlanta Center for Mental Health team can offer rest, recovery, and growth for those dealing with anxiety disorders. If you are dealing with persistent and debilitating social anxiety, call Atlanta Center for Mental Health at 833.625.0458 and enroll in our anxiety treatment program today.

Causes of Social Anxiety

As of yet, experts haven’t identified the precise causes of social anxiety. However, some research suggests that this condition is due to a combination of genetics and certain environmental factors. In addition, specific negative experiences may lead a person to develop this condition, including:

  • Family conflict
  • Bullying
  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical abuse

Some experts believe that anxiety disorders can run in certain families, such as social anxiety disorder. That said, researchers aren’t sure whether a specific genetic factor can lead to this condition. For instance, if a parent has an anxiety disorder, their children may see the behaviors that contributed to the condition, ultimately leading them to develop a similar condition. Additionally, some children may develop social anxiety if their parents or guardians raise them in an overprotective or controlling environment.

Another potential cause of social anxiety is chemical imbalances within the brain. For instance, if the person doesn’t have enough serotonin, which helps the brain regulate their mood, they may develop a mental health disorder. In addition, if the part of the brain that controls a person’s fear response, the amygdala, is overactive, the individual may develop a social anxiety disorder.

Regardless of the cause of an individual’s social anxiety, the individual needs to seek an anxiety treatment program. Without treatment, many people may struggle to function in day-to-day life.

What to Expect During an Anxiety Treatment Program

As with other types of anxiety, several treatment options are available for social anxiety. Treatment results may differ from person to person, so it’s vital to find an individualized treatment program. This treatment can be tailored to the person’s specific needs rather than trying to fit everyone into a one-size-fits-all program.

Some people require only one type of therapy, while others require several. Our mental healthcare professionals will evaluate your needs when you contact our anxiety treatment program.
Once we’ve performed this evaluation, we can recommend the proper course of treatment to equip you with the tools necessary to end your social anxiety. For instance, we may recommend treatment options such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Expressive therapy
  • Family therapy

These therapies can be highly effective in addressing the challenges that social anxiety presents. It can also teach you about the root causes of your social anxiety.

Additionally, though many people pursue recovery through outpatient treatment, some serious cases of social anxiety could benefit from inpatient anxiety treatment. In these cases, you live at an anxiety treatment center and pursue treatment for an extended period away from the stressors and difficulties of daily life. You will have the chance to focus entirely on your mental health and long-term recovery.

Begin Your Inpatient Anxiety Treatment at Atlanta Center for Mental Health

It may be challenging to reach out to people you don’t know for help, but your mental health is important. With the help of our inpatient anxiety treatment center, you can overcome your anxiety and begin a healthier and happier lifestyle. Our team is compassionate and welcoming, and we ensure that you are comfortable and cared for whether you pursue outpatient or inpatient anxiety treatment. Don’t wait another day to begin the road to healing. Contact Atlanta Center for Mental Health today at 833.625.0458 to learn how we can help you better manage your anxiety.

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